Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take It Tuesday

I made this card in the company of a eight legged creature from hell. I have fluorescent lighting in my craft room and the little bugger keep running around on the plastic that covers the light. And of coarse, it had to be right above my work space. So what do I do? Move to far end of my desk and work in a little 1 foot square area looking up about every 1.5 seconds to see where the spider was and what it was doing. Cause you never know when it could find a seam to crawl through and fall from the ceiling. Ahhh... the inner workings of the arachnophobic mind.

The flower image was stamped off twice before I stamped it on Whisper White to lighten up the color.

This card is part of Take It Tuesday. If you leave a comment on this blog post (click here if you are on Facebook), you will be entered to win a free card kit with enough supplies to make 5 copies of this card (minus the adhesive and stamped images). You have until midnight April 20/10. I will pick a winner on Wednesday.

Stamps:On Your Birthday, Friends 24-7, En Francais Background Stamp
Paper: Whisper White, Basic Black, Rich Razzleberry
Ink:Basic lack, Rich Razzleberry
Accessories: Basic Black 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon, Black Vintage Brads, Corner Rounder Punch, Snail Adhesive, Stampin' Dimensionals



Your card is gorgeous! I do spiders but if we have a mouse, I leave the house and don't return until it has been exterminated!

Great card! Love the overlay of words. I don't like spiders either, but unless they're black widows (creepy! Hate them!)or brown recluse, I find something to scoop them up in and take them waaaayyy outside! I know they are beneficial and harmless (other than the above mentioned), but I agree with you...don't want to share my space with them!

I don't like spiders OR mice! Either will send me running to the car (or the mall!) :) Love your card!

Gorgeous card... The spider must have been mesmerized by its beauty! I also hate spiders and we live in an area w/ 2 poisonous spiders. My cats love to torture & kill spiders which freaks me out. I've had to call my husband into duty recently.

Michelle - The only good spider to me is a dead one - out of my house and out of my sight! This is a neat card! Thanks for sharing!


Lovely card. I can take or leave spiders - but my sister is another story. She is so scared of them!!

I love the card but don't mind spiders. Snakes are another story -eeeek. My sister hates spiders so much she would call me from her apartment 10 miles away to come and get rid of it (at 3 in the morning). To make it worse it was in a totally different room (2 rooms away from her bedroom). Anyway back to the card. I love the design with the words over everything. I have to remember to do that. Lovely.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Cute card. I agree with Pam -- the spider was mesmerized by the beauty of your artistic creation . . . or, perhaps, wanting to learn a new technique? Personally, I don't have an issue with spiders . . . I will scoop them up with something and put outside. My Mom, on the other hand, will spray the spider with Raid and set the can over the spider (the bottom of a can is concave) until it dies. In actuality, though, she sprays so much Raid, that it actually drowns. LOL Have a GREAT day!

I love your card!! And I hate spiders too...LOL

I have 3 sons and all three and my hubby think it's funny I can't stand the lil' creatures!

Hope I win!
Rosemarrie Gonzalez
LNS Member

gorgeous card! I hate spiders, too. If I know there is one in my house, no one sleeps until it's gone, cuz it will crawl on or near me while I'm sleeping. We have the big wolf spiders, they are awful! Little ones I can kill, but these scare me to death.

I love the card especially given the presure you were under making it. I too hate those creatures, but I actually have the exterminator come in every spring cause I just cant take any chances.

What an elegant card. I love the color combos. I also never knew what to do with black ribbon but now I'm inspired to get the wide black ribbon because it looks so great. Thanks for sharing!

what a beautiful card..don't you just love razzelberry !!!! We have a fella come every 3 months to spray because of the spiders in NC..one time there were 20 in our bath tub !!! talk about being freaked out ...

What beautiful colors, I really love this card!! To bad you had company but at least you can laugh about it, keep up the beautiful artwork!!

What a beautiful card and especially made under such adverse conditions! Kudos to you! Nancy

I don't have a problem with spiders, but don't get me close to a mouse or a snake. Your card is really cute!

Very nice card, I can't stand spiders either, when my son was little I taught him to vacuum them up for me, until he figured out I was scared of them!!

Love , love the card. You and my daughter in law have to be kin to each other. We live in the counrty and she is definately nooo country girl...lol Keep those cards coming and thanks for sharing

What a pretty card.Thanks for sharing.

OMG Michelle, I know just what you mean. Spiders and bees! I know they know I don't like them. They all want to eat me. And if you have ever seen one of those house cenipedes? They are creepier then anything. And those little suckers can really book it across the room quicker then you can find something to get them. Years ago, there was a wasp in my house (brown carpet, curtains, everything so couldn't find him). I went to bed, shut my door and put towel under so he couldn't get me. Left empty bag of Doritos out hoping he would go in the bag. And yes, woke up and that is where he was. He went out back door, bag and all and I didn't open it for weeks.

A very nice card.Thanks for sharing.

A very nice card.
Thanks for sharing.

Very nice card. Very elegant

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